Consent Type


Record Types

Goal: Create a new record type if necessary when creating a new LINE WORKS agreement. A new record type does not need to be created if a pre-existing agreement will be used for LINE WORKS.

1. Click the gear icon at the top right of the screen - [Setup] - [Object Manager].
   * Alternatively, search for “Object Manager" with a quick search

2. In “Object Manager” , click the “Consent Type”


3. In “Record Type”, click the “New” button

4. On “Enter the details” page, enter the following information, check the “Make available” box for the profile you wish to use, and then click “Next”.

  [Existing Record Type] – Optional
  [Record Type label] – [LINE WORKS]
  [Record TypeName] – [LINE_WORKS]
  [Active] – True


5. On the “Assign page layout” page, select “Apply one layout to all profiles” and select the page layout that references the record type created, and then click “Save” button.

Create New Records

For more information about how to create consent types, see Veeva CRM Online Help.

1. Disclaimer text (API reference name: Disclaimer_Text_vod__c)
   Displays settings for the above item.

2. zvod_Consent_Default_Consent_Text_vod
    (API reference name: zvod_Consent_Default_Consent_Text_vod__c)

    Displays settings for the above item.


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