Bot Settings


This section explains how to set up the bot.

Please access the link below and login to Admin Account.

* Setup must be conducted by the user with LINE WORKS Admin rights.

  • Please click “Service” at the left of the screen - [Bot] - click [Add Bot]
    • 画像48.png
  • Click “Add”
    • 画像49.png
  • [Bot has been added]popup message will be displayed - press OK.
  • Click on the added Bot.
    • 画像50.png
  • Click “Edit”.
  • Select users of LINE WORKS Integration after checking [Selected members] in the Permission section. Please press the “visibility setting” toggle ON to make it public.
    • 図1.png
  • Click “Save”.

User privileges

All: The bot can be used by all internal members

Specify members: The bot can only be used by specified members

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